It has been a while but now I’m back and talking about Fintech and specifically in this case Starling Bank, I feel like I can talk about it as I have been using it to bank with personally since November 2018. To give a bit of background information about Starling Bank they are a mobile banking service that purely uses an app – yes with no online portal which I would like to see in the future (incase I lose my phone!). Last year they received the best personal bank account of the year (2018) which for a bank that launched the app in 2017 I can respect a lot.

Anyway enough of what they are and why should you potentially be investing? Merian Chrysalis who are listed on the LSE have recently invested in starling at a stake of £19m, as well as other investors which bring up the total investment to £75m. Starling intend to use this investment to penetrate new markets and make an impact in Europe. If this all goes to plan this would value Starling at a lot more than they are currently.

If you haven’t checked starling out download the app and be sure to use my referral code NBU12R7Z if you decide to sign up, I can assure you that it is worth it!